The Business Events industry in Canada contributes between $27-$30 billion to GDP annually and supports over 341,000 full-time jobs (2012 figures) yet is largely invisible to elected officials and policymakers at the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government. It touches every sector of the economy yet has no national advocacy voice. We are changing that. In January 2017, at our first board meeting of the year, I presented 4 key objectives and success drivers: I am proud to report that over the course of the year, we were successful in accomplishing much of ...
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Read our newsletter for everything you need to know about protecting your organization's meetings, incentives, conventions, conferences, trade shows and events from financial risk and exposure.
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Consumer Technology Association's recent Executive Board retreat experience during the Napa Valley wildfires caused them to update their crisis procedures after the emergency - here are some of the examples of lessons learned and what you can plan for via Meetings & Conventions. Have a clear understanding of the hotel's communication system in the event of an evacuation. Ask to speak with the hotel's security team during the contracting or planning stage to review the process of notifying guests of an emergency or evacuation. Include these plans in your crisi...
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