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Recently, Successful Meetings sent a survey out to their readers asking them what was important for the risk management of meeting and events in 2018. Of the respondents 41% percent were corporate planners, 34 percent were independent or third party planners, and 25 percent were association planners. Of that pool, 79 percent reported that weather events such as hurricanes and snow storms were the most likely threats to disrupt their meetings. The most likely threats to disrupting the meetings: Weather events (hurricanes, snow storms, etc.): 79% Negligence ...
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Article featured in billboardbiz. As the 2018 outdoor festival season approaches, concertgoers will encounter increased security measures and -- as a result of their implementation and fees paid to the growing group of security consultants that recommend them -- higher ticket prices. These precautions may make festival crowds feel safer, but privately, many in the live industry express skepticism that there is any foolproof way to protect outdoor audiences.
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