Supplier-Partner Feature: ProLink Insurance

Meeting Escrow, specializing in deposit protection and secure payment, is pleased to partner with organizations like PROLINK who provide complimentary services for the Meetings Industry.

The Events and Entertainment Industry faces many unique risks including damage to facilities, injuries to attendees, a performer or speaker who cancels at the last minute, over-stressed workers, equipment theft, food poisoning, alcohol-related liabilities, extreme weather, disease outbreaks like SARS and even threats/acts of terrorism. These can lead to reputational damage, financial consequences or both. Combine any of these with confusing insurance requirements, tight deadlines, and budget constraints and one realizes how challenging it is to pull off a successful event.

We recently spoke to PROLINK about insurance policy coverage with regards to the US administration (and potentially other destinations) imposing travel bans and/or revoking visas:

“Under the Failure to Make Necessary Arrangements exclusion, it specifically states that the failure to ensure all necessary visas have been confirmed is excluded.  So, an inability to attain visas would not be covered.  HOWEVER, if there were to be a circumstance wherein people were granted visas and then something occurred which led to the visas being revoked, that would be covered.

If there were to be a Travel Ban or something of the like that doesn’t allow people to enter a country, the Event Cancellation policy would insure this circumstance.

In both of the above situations it is key to note that these situations will only be insured if the American administration imposes these potential directives AFTER an Event Cancellation policy is put into effect.  That is, if the Trump Administration imposes these directives and you do not have a pre-existing Event Cancellation policy in effect, you will no longer be able to acquire Event Cancellation coverage for the above specific circumstances.”

PROLINK is Canada’s Insurance Connection brings specialized and unique expertise to the Events and Entertainment industry to address these challenges. Deep industry knowledge, access to unique insurance products, and customized risk management tools have made us the preferred insurance partner to the Canadian Society of Special Event Planners, Meeting Professionals International Canada and the International Live Events Association Canada.


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