Meeting Escrow Pricing

Pricing Overview:

There are 2 components to our pricing:

1) Account Package Fees - paid annually, quarterly or monthly based on your organization's preference

The Account Package fees cover our ongoing account maintenance, audit, compliance, security, privacy and other costs to ensure the highest level of transparency and accountability. Packages start at $250/month for our Bronze level solution and increase through to our high-end Platinum level solution

2) Transaction Fees - paid when deposit funds are transferred to Meeting Escrow

Transaction fees are calculated as a percentage of the deposits being held. Here is the range of transaction fees based on your selected account package:

Bronze - 5%
Silver - 3%
Gold - 2%
Platinum - 1%

Which is right for you?

We will work with you to ensure the package you select minimizes your total costs and maximizes the value you receive from the Meeting Escrow service.


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